WordPress Hosting : Performance, Security & Reliability

If you are looking for secure, fast, and reliable hosting for your WordPress Web site, you’ve found it. 4word Systems provides lightning-fast WordPress web hosting without the hassle of maintaining your WordPress installation.

You create. We maintain.

Our managed WordPress hosting package provides two important benefits for WordPress users: Speed and Security.

The Fast Lane – All About Speed

We have built our WordPress hosting platform from the ground-up to take advantage of the latest technologies available to make your website fly. Here are just some of the ways that our WordPress hosting goes way beyond your typical web host:

  • Highly-optimized MySQL database backend, tuned specifically for the needs of WordPress
  • APC in-memory object caching for lightning-fast page rendering
  • Varnish reverse-caching proxy server delivers entire pages directly from memory for the ultimate in speed

No-Hassle Maintenance for Peace of Mind

The most important part of securing a WordPress site is keeping the software up-to-date. So many WordPress sites quickly get behind as new versions are introduced. Not only does WordPress release new versions several times per year, but each module or theme that your site uses also releases updates. Managing updates to common modules and the WordPress core software are critical if you want to avoid your website being taken over or brought down by hackers. 4word Systems’ managed WordPress hosting takes the hassle out of keeping your WordPress environment up-to-date. No longer will you live in fear of outdated software running your blog, leaving you vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Learn More

  • To learn more about WordPress hosting, hosting in general, check out our “Tech Talk” section for information about tuning a hosting environment for maximum performance and reliability.
  • If you are just getting started with WordPress and need some development help, learn more about our WordPress Development services.
  • When you’re ready to experience the performance, reliability and security of our Managed WordPress Hosting platform, give us a call at 810.229.8515 or contact us online.